Insights from the founder of Kernel, Bryan Johnson.

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This idea spurred the development of Kernel, a neurotech company offering non-invasive brain monitoring headsets, that has the ambitious goal of being in everyone’s home by 2030.

A question many have been asking is: what will cause neurotech devices to go mainstream? Brain interfacing tech has long been a topic of interest for academic and clinical use cases. …

Things I wish I realized early in life…well, earlier.

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I’ve spent the last year at home, away from normal pressures that come with engaging with lots of people every day. It’s given me the chance to learn more about myself and spot gaps in my way of thinking. As someone recently transitioning out of childhood, I feel extra aware of my changing perspectives and how it’s made me interact with the world.

Here are the 7 biggest lessons I’ve learned that I think anyone would benefit from:

1. We often don’t take action because there’s no immediate downside

Failing a test has an immediate impact on your grade. Not delivering at…

Tiny bots could change the way we interface with the brain.

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Neurotech is a rapidly emerging field with the potential to change the way we interface with our brains, and in turn, the way we'll interact with the world.

While still in its infancy, the field has shown promise in the realm of bettering life for those with neurological conditions, monitoring emotional patterns, and controlling devices via only our minds.

A long-term future with more sophisticated brain-machine interfaces is almost inconceivable due to the large paradigm shift it would have for humanity. Can you imagine a world where you could…

An intro to how they work and how they’re being used.

Image from Premier Health

Part 1 — types of BCI’s + how they work

Part 2 — inner workings of the brain

Part 3 — current projects + the future

Whenever you use technology, there’s a middle step.

You need a keyboard to type, a mouse to move a cursor, and a remote to control that animal toy you had as a kid.

But imagine a world where the middle layer didn’t exist; you could control these devices with just your thoughts.

It might sound crazy now, but an exciting emerging technology could…

Sarah Naghmi

17-year old neurotech and AI enthusiast. Always looking to build and learn.

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